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Basic Parameters For Web Hosting Selection

by Abdul Quddoos
Time has come when webmasters need to be very precise in their web hosting selection. Each and every company claims to be best web hosting company in the industry but it is not the reality. Apart from your requirements there are certain parameters that need to be focused very carefully. Here I am discussing few of the most important so choice of hosting becomes easier for novices.

Uptime guarantee is the most important factor. Almost every company claims to provide 99.9% uptime guarantee of his servers but what about those companies which are working as resellers and can let you down. This problem can most probably come in those web hosting companies which are working locally after getting resellers from some big companies in US. One such example is web hosting Pakistan where only few companies are delivering quality with guarantee. To ensure uptime you must check customer reviews of that company on different web hosting reviews websites. Now many uptime checking websites are also available which can confirm you the quality of your selected host.

Next comes the customer support. This factor remains a core one as in case of any problem from your host if you are not getting timely response it can let down your business. Most of the companies provide live chat facility. Few provide toll free phone support as well but when it comes to local web hosting company you get these facilities occasionally and not round the clock. So prior to signing up for any web host you must check their support quality by asking them different questions regarding your website requirements. If you get satisfactory answers with in time only then consider that company otherwise check some other to be safe from future problems.

Another feature is script installation. You must check your web hosting company features for the availability of different scripts installation. Some companies do not allow certain scripts on their servers and if it is the case it can create problem for your company website. Also check free scripts library facility which is called fantastico. All top web hosting providers offer this feature free in their cpanel. It helps to install many valuable scripts like wordpress, phpbb and Joomla with just one click.

These points are mostly ignored by webmaster while selection of host but they are the most important ones. Apart from those discussed above disk space, bandwidth and price are the few other factors to look for. Here I must mention, never compromise on price if you are satisfied with features. This is because many cheap web hosting companies provide low price hosting without complete features.

Finally check company about us page so you may better know about their physical presence and their data centers. This tells you the inside story about real and reseller web hosting companies.

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Monday, Jan 4th, 2010