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Bandwidth 101

by Mark Clinton
The term bandwidth is often used online, particularly when there is discussion regarding a good web hosting company. How exactly does bandwidth work and how would you know if it would be enough to fill your web hosting requirements? Bandwidth is basically the amount of information, which is downloaded or transferred from a web server going to someone's browser. For instance, when somebody goes to your website, your browser would start to download the website from its server to be displayed on your computer. More bandwidth would be needed if your website has a lot of images, videos and other media. The server tracks just how much is downloaded each time and would be counting that against the monthly limit for your bandwidth. Once the limit for your bandwidth has been reached, you website would be down and would be back up the next month. So you have to make sure that you would have sufficient bandwidth to be able to cover the level of traffic which would be going to your website. Make sure that you would be selecting the hosting company with the hosting plan that seems like it is able to offer a good bandwidth amount. You could check the amount of bandwidth that you have already used up by going to the control panel of your current web host. It should be on the left portion if your web hosting provides has the cPanel interface. Using that, you would be able to gauge every month if the package you have is able to meet your bandwidth requirements and then you can upgrade or downgrade accordingly. Being knowledgeable and aware of what bandwidth is and how much you need would be able to help you in managing your website and in making sure that you have the appropriate web hosting package for your needs. Web hosting plays an important role in your online success. Make sure you host with the best webhosting companies like hostgator and blue host. If you need a good domain registrar for your domain names, you can register your domains names for cheap with godaddy
Monday, Dec 10th, 2007