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An Introduction to Windows Dedicated Servers

by Stanley S Jones

Most of you must be aware that, you have direct access to the dedicated web server. Though usually most users manage their servers using the control panel of ftp (for shared hosting accounts). One has the complete access to the server, complete access would mean direct root access.

In the segment of dedicated servers, you have the option to choose between two alternatives viz Windows and Linux Dedicated Servers.

But, if your website is coded using ASP or dot NET technology, then you compulsorily choose Windows Servers as these areMicrosoft technologies and can work only on Win web server platform. Whereas if your site is developed using HTML or Flash, then you might think of choosing Linux dedicated servers as well. The servers OS platform would make difference in that case.

A web server which is Windows based, offers you an environment to host your website over IIS servers usually Windows 2003. You get to experience the IIS 7 version, whereas the Windows 2008 offers a higher version of IIS server environment. One of the benefits of using Windows server, is that it allows the developers an environment with better development tools.

Frontpage application is usually pre installed on Windows servers. With this, the website updation is much simpler and faster as well. With it you can update the website in real time. The other popular utility of Windows is ASP. This is a scripting language offered by Microsoft. It offers the feature of developing rich, attractive and dynamic websites.

Saturday, Nov 21st, 2009