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Affordable Dedicated Servers

by John Lillyh

Dual core processors are better suited for servers of a singular purpose. Performing at higher speeds than the quad cores but processing fewer streams of information concurrently. Quad Core processors would be better suited for servers that are in high demand or running multiple applications or multiple instances of applications.

As a general guideline, customers who are emerging from a shared hosting environment with low to medium traffic requirements should consider using a dual core server. These dual core servers have a wide variety of uses which makes them a popular choice.A dedicated server will offer you more options in terms of scalability. If your web site receives more number of users than normal and starts to slow down, you can balance the load on your server by splitting the customer load across two or more these servers.

Dedicated servers have a number of different hardware components. The CPU may differ and so may the available memory, the hard disk capacity and the bandwidth the server can handle. Much like your computers CPU, the CPU on your server decides the computing power of the server. A powerful CPU can execute commands faster as well as execute multiple commands.

A multi-core chip can execute multiple instructions at the same time. Dual cores have two cores, and quad cores have four. All the cores are on the same chip though. So, they share the same memory, and data path to the motherboard. So, a quad core chip may be able to execute the instructions four times faster, but that does not mean it can receive instructions from ram four times faster.

You launched a website and worked hard on it for three months and now this is a high traffic site with thousands of daily visitors.Though your site grew in terms of traffic, but did you notice that it is getting slow down day by day?This is because of the heavy traffic and since you are on shared hosting, the server response time is increasing, letting your users wait long for pages to get loaded.This is making your site user unfriendly and there can be a major decline in traffic as well,so this is the time to go for a dedicated server without a little delay.

Monday, Feb 15th, 2010