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Advantages of a Dedicated Server

by Rob Seolas

Imagine a server that is setup to handle your company’s every online computing need. Having your own dedicated server will allow you to handle just that. Your web server is extremely crucial in today’s market. Making sure your server is able to handle high traffic levels and provide quick data access must be a top priority for any company wanting to establish a web presence.

An alternative to a dedicated server is a shared server. Although sharing a server can save you some money to begin with, the downside may not be worth it. You have a say in what applications are put on the server, but then again, so does every one else you are sharing the resource with. Sharing your server removes a level of control in an area where control is critical. Is up time critical for your site? If it is (and it should be!) you need to decide if you are more likely to experience down time on a dedicated server or a shared server? When deciding whether or not sharing is for you, make sure you know what the limitations are and how they will impact your business.

With a dedicated server, a business can begin to customize the hardware and software setup to match their specific needs. Instead of being assigned a “one size fits all” approach, a dedicated server will let you use only the resources needed and none more. This also will allow for additional server performance gains.

Having your own dedicated server can also save you a bundle of money if you are in need of several different domains. A larger business will definitely notice this as a great benefit to their company. Instead of having to pay for each division to have their own host space on various web servers, you will be able to have them centrally located.

The client will also benefit from doing business with a company who has a dedicated web server. When trying to access data, they will have a faster experience than with a shared server. You will also be able to facilitate high traffic without any problems.

A dedicated server is definitely worth considering. Take into consideration the growth of your company down the road and decide if investing in a dedicated server is the right path. The peace of mind it can bring you may be worth shelling out a few extra bucks.

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Saturday, Dec 12th, 2009