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Advantages Of A Dedicated Server

by Jonathon Linnell

When faced with the decision of whether or not you should invest in a dedicated server for your website, many things can sway you one way or another. Would you rather have reliability or would you rather be cost effective? Can you afford to have your site prone to overloads, bad coding, etc?

Shared web hosting is extremely cost effective, but the advantages of having a managed dedicated server can really boost your site’s performance. With a dedicated server, you as the customer have a choice of what applications and software are being used, while shared web hosting packages come with the lag of many applications installed for the various other users on that server.

Having a dedicated server abolishes your dependency on your web host. It can bypass time delays and the expenses that occur with them. If you’re a designer or operate an online store, a dedicated server can be invaluable. Having premier access to your server allows you to tweak the software packages that are running at your leisure.

Advantages Of A Dedicated Server

  • Hardware dedicated to you and you alone
  • Complete control over your server
  • Benefit from less potential down-time
  • Easy customisation and upgrading of your dedicated server, whenever required needed

Shared hosting plans are very cheap, but in the long run you’re going to need to dive into the world of dedicated hosting, if you’re serious about having a great website that is consistently online and fast. Choosing a plan with a reliable hosting company is key, perform your research before you sign on the dotted line. You must choose the best options for your site and know what software packages will optimise the uptime for your customers.

Thursday, Jun 9th, 2011