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Advanced ECommerce Hosting

by David

E-commerce, one of the most important features of the internet has emerged as a powerful marketing media. It allows people to buy goods and services online with no time or distance constraints. So for a website that requires the ability to sell online effectively then Hostlogic Plc provides advanced ecommerce hosting.

Advanced ecommerce hosting is very powerful and equipped with all prime features of an e-commerce pro package. This enables you to accept credit cards and electronic checks right from your website. You also get a free merchant account to accept credit cards and free setup of Electronic Check processing.

Being the leading ecommerce hosting provider in UK, Hostlogic offers two types of hosting. Those are Server Hosting and Shared hosting.

• Server Hosting: This type of hosting is performance oriented and highly reliable. Advanced ecommerce hosting is offered via Dell Dedicated fault tolerant servers. This provides a full management service including patching and backup.

• If you have your own server then you can easily re-locate them at Hostlogic’s data centre. This is possible due to the resilient internet bandwidth and power giving you a remote power reboots facilities through a secure web browser.

• It also includes 100GB web space, unlimited bandwidth traffic, Hi spec server with Pentium4 2Ghz with 512MB ram, 2 Static IP addresses, enterprise level fire walling, Anti-spam filtering, and Anti-virus filtering.

• Shared Hosting: Hostlogic’s second choice in advanced ecommerce hosting is shared hosting. This type of hosting provides business customers with a high quality and affordable services.

Hostlogic’s solutions include latest ASP.Net environment, Microsoft SQL Server 2005 and Frontpage. This highly performance based and feature rich hosting, provides a firm platform to your web applications. Moreover, Hostlogic’s leading control panel system has taken advanced ecommerce hosting to a new level.

Thus, if you are looking for a hosting provider but don’t know which to choose; then simply visit www.hostlogic.co.uk

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Wednesday, Dec 9th, 2009