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A Web Hosting Company May Offer a Dedicated or a Shared Server

by Clint Jhonson

Shared server or a dedicated server? Do you even care? Well, if you’re talking about your business website, yes, you should. These are two of the common web hosting services offered by business web host companies. What you choose can affect the price you have to pay and the overall performance of your website. Thus, you need to choose which one of them you should go for. Here are some answers to common questions about servers:

Which is more expensive? Between the two, dedicated servers are more expensive since the web hosting company will be giving you the entire server for your files. What’s more, this business web host services require personal maintenance from them. But if you’re operating a small website, there’s no need for you to settle for a dedicated server. A shared webspace will be enough. Besides, what really matters is that the server you’ve chosen can give you enough bandwidth so your website becomes accessible even on high traffic.

Does my choice of server affect my ranking? Indirectly, yes, but it only composed a small portion. When you’ve chosen an insufficient or an inferior web hosting service and server, there’s a huge possibility that your website cannot be accessed at all times. This in turn will affect your performance in terms of traffic, which is a factor in page rank. Thus, when you’re choosing a business web host, make sure that the servers are stable and truly dependable.

Which one can support my online business expansion? The answer to this is crystal-clear. You need a dedicated server from a good web hosting company. For one, you already have the space that you’re going to need in the future. Second, a lot of these business web host companies can also help you in optimizing your website, making it a lot easier to have to your pages indexed by search engines.

Can I get excellent technical support for my shared server? The technical support extended by a professional web hosting company doesn’t matter whether you’re getting a dedicated server or a shared server, though you can expect that there will be more focused on the former, since clients are paying more. Nevertheless, the best web hosting companies have standby customer service representatives to entertain your issues and questions—regardless of what type of plan you’ve chosen. If they do, then you know that you’ve chosen the right company.

What makes a dedicated server different from a shared server? There isn’t much difference between the two, though dedicated servers have bigger space for your files. The website tends to download faster, since with shared servers, the speed will be affected by the performance of other websites stored in the said location.

Will I be allowed to change servers? This greatly depends on the policy of the web host company, since some allows upgrade but not downgrade. But if the business web host company is really concerned about their clients, it can be flexible.

Should it be a dedicated server or not?  It’s all up to you. The most important thing is you’re getting the best end of the bargain.

About the Author:

A good business web host can have several plans to offer to their clients, ensuring affordability. Several of these web hosting companies also have additional services, such as search engine optimization and website maintenance.

Monday, Aug 18th, 2008