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A Different Kind Of Farm

by Mike Hirst

Highland Hill Farm is a different kind of farm.....We are urban Farmers. Located in Bucks County... a fast growing urban area where we have learned to live with urbanization. We believe that the few farms that remain must help in recycling and reusing items in our communities. It is not practical to use our land to grow beans. Taxes alone on each acre of land is greater than the sales revenue that come from an acre of beans. So we have had to find higher and better land uses.


We have registered with the Pa Dept. of Environmental Resources as a place where you can drop off your unwanted items such as old tools, tractors, plumbing and construction supplies, farm implements, fencing materials, usable nuts and bolts.... well you have the picture, things we can use around our farms. If we can't use them maybe we can send it on to someone else that can???? We are always looking to trade nursery stock and seedlings for your surplus. Email us with your surplus materials. We may be able to make trades.


I once put an ad in the paper that said, "If it's free it's for me". I had to stop the add because I collected so much stuff. Ads do work. The problem with this ad was it was not specific enough to target what I was looking for. Over time and years I then started to swap and barter the free stuff that I got for things I really wanted. I had hundreds of broken lawn mowers and hundreds of gallons of old unwanted paint. I had enough paint to dip a house if needed. Disposal now became an issue. Thus I came up with the idea of trading and barter.


Now I did not invent this wheel but I had enough of them that it appeared I might have. So barter has become a means of swapping and exchanging my surpluses for other people's surpluses. Since I am in the nursery business I also have plants that are surplus. I may plant 1000 trees expecting to need 1000 and find that I have 500 more than what I need. So offering these trees on the web for barter has been an effective means to move dormant inventory. Besides this is a great way to meet new customers. When they have surpluses and I can move their dormant stock, we both win. Here is a sample ad that I ran on my web site seedlingsrus.com :




Trades Wanted


We are always looking to trade nursery stock and seedlings for your surplus. Email us with your surplus materials. We may be able to make trades.


Construction materials and equipment...doors, windows, boards, hardware
Plumbing supplies...pvc pipe and fittings, pumps, heaters, copper pipes and fittings
Hunting and fishing gear...ammo, reels, rods, tackle, boats, canoes, paddles
Snakes...Click here to read why!!!!

Hand tools...saws, drills, hand power tools, blades cuttershammers, wrenches, tool boxes
Farm implements...out door power equipment, tractors, wagons, fertilizers, pesticides, used cans of oils and lubs
Farm supplies...shovels, rakes, farm bells, an anvil, blacksmithing tools, generators
Fencing materials such as woven wire and split rail fencing, fence chargers, barbed wire, wire, nails, nuts, bolts, surplus pavers,
Palletized stone, field stone, flagstones, rocks, boulders
Household items such as wooden furniture, tables chairs, cabinets and dressers
Livestock..pigs, goats, cows, donkeys, chickens, peacocks, sorry no sheep(I don't trust myself with them).
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Friday, Jan 19th, 2007