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A Dedicated Server Could Be the Answer

by Leon Belenky

There are two main types of servers for web hosting - dedicated servers, and shared servers. If you're considering starting your own website, you may be wondering which of these options works best for you - this article will cover basic information of both types of servers, as well as the pros and cons of each one.

With a dedicated server, you are the only person in control of your server - it is entirely yours. Shared servers mean that you're sharing the bandwidth and server that supports your website with other users. While dedicated servers will cost you more money, for well-established sites or those that get a significant amount of traffic on any given day, they're really the best choice. This is because, since you are the only website on that server, you have complete and total control of things like software and spam protection on your website. Also, because you are in charge of the site (as opposed to an outside source of the web hosting company) it's less likely that your site will crash due to an error with the server. Websites located on dedicated servers tend to load more quickly, and over time they generally show improved traffic over sites on shared servers. If directing business in your direction is your main goal, then the extra cost is well worth getting a dedicated server instead of a shared one.

While the overall performance of dedicated servers tend to be better, though, that does not mean that they're the best choice for everybody. The simple fact is that not everyone can afford their own dedicated server, in which case the only option is a shared server. Shared servers are also great options for those who would rather someone else take care of maintaining the server, as opposed to having to do the work themselves. These sort of servers are great for those who are just starting out their website, or who demand only a very small amount of resources - for example, a personal blog would operate perfectly on a shared server.

Overall, there are three main factors you should consider when deciding what type of server to use for your website. First, what kind of website is it? Is it a small, personal site that likely won't see much traffic, or a website that your are developing as a business? Second: how much control do you wish to have over the server? Do you wish to make changes to the software, or would you rather someone else handle it? Finally, there's the question of how much money you have to spend: some people simply cannot afford the investment of a dedicated server.

Tuesday, Dec 7th, 2010