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Why Paid Web Host Provider

by CJ Thompson

Many beginner webmasters may wounder why someone would pay for web hosting when there are free web host available. Free web host aren't the best idea if you plan to run a successful long term business on the internet. With free web hosting your site isn't guaranteed to be up and running, and many free host erase sites after they been running for so long, that it's self is bad.

If you work to promote your free website, all that work will be for nothing when your site is erased, all them back links they mean nothing when there's no website. Another reason why you wouldn't want to build a website using a free server is because of the domain name, you don't get to pick your domain name with free server, it will be www.whatever.freehost.com instead of www.whatever.com. I think the Internet world gives more respect to a website that's got a good domain name.

There are always opportunities on the Internet, whether you promote your own product, you promote other's products through affiliate programs, whatever your intent is upon building a website, I highly recommend you using a paid server. There are a ton of paid servers out there how to you know which ones best? It all depends on what you plan on doing. If you only need one website, you can find good hosting for $4 a month. If you need more than one there's web host that offer unlimited websites for $10 a month.

I've been marketing on the Internet for some four years now, and when I fist started I thought it was not necessary to pay for web host. I had 3 or 4 website on a free server, I promoted them website the best I knew how, over the period of a year my websites where just starting to get a steady traffic flow, from a number of different promotional methods, my websites vanished one by one over a period of 6 months, it seems that server only kept sites up for 12 months after that there erased, I guess they do this to free space for new users. So any way all that work was for nothing because I had to re-due the whole website, and repromte it because it would have a new address.

In conclusion, what I've been trying to say is, don't waste your time with free web hot servers, they suck. Pay the little monthly charge, and bring your business to the business level.

Wednesday, Sep 13th, 2006