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What Is A Web Server?

by Anthony Hamill

A web server is nothing less than the heart of the Internet. Regardless of which company you select to host your website, it's important to understand some of the technical details about how they work.

Every host has specialized computers called servers which connect to the Internet and 'serve' web pages when they are requested by Internet users.

That is, when someone wishes to view a certain web page by clicking on a link the request is sent to the particular computer (server) where that web page is stored.

Most web servers are operated by web hosting companies but any PC connected to the Internet can also function in the same capacity. The big difference is that the web site owner, rather than a web hosting company, would have to perform all the technical tasks associated with getting the site connected to the Internet and keeping it running smoothly.

Most web site owners are more interested in building their own online business and/or "web presence" than they are in becoming a web host and, so, the technical stuff is usually left to the experts.

Billions Served

The server responds by sending HTML data across the Internet. To serve web pages quickly, the server must have fast connections to the Internet.

For the fastest speed and greatest reliability try to select a web hosting company that has multiple high-speed connections to the Internet as well as reliable back-up power supplies in case power outages.

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Tuesday, Jun 20th, 2006