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Web Hosting Providers The Big Difference

by Arpad Domonkos

I have some domains and I have some friends using different web hosting providers. If you want to host more than ONE web site on the same hosting account you will need some more extra hosting feature what IX Web Hosting provider can give you without extra charges.

If you aren't totally new to the field of web sites and Internet marketing you know the advantages of unique IP addresses. Most of the Web Hosting Providers do not offer unique IPs without extra fee. I have a web hosting account at Hostgator they are good and I can host 999 domains on ONE hosting account for $9.95 per month, this is a good feature. But I asked them for unique IP address and they said pay $2 per month for each of your domain. And I have to upgrade my $9.95 account to a $25 per month reseller account for this move.

Just calculate the web hosting costs. You have 8 domains on ONE account and pay $ 6.45 for a month if you pay 2 years in advance and you get 8 unique IP addresses for this pocket money, this is IX web hosting provider!

Or you pay $25 for the reseller account and $2 X 8 domain for the unique IPs. This is $ 41. Huge difference in the hosting fee and you have almost the same.

If you do not need unique IP addresses but need to host 999 domains on one account for a $ 9.95 monthly fee this is an absolute bargain. The important thing is when you choose a web hosting provider company what is your need and more important what WILL your need be in the future.

If you want tons of Google AdSense sites and do not want to link them together chose Host Gator Web Hosting provider.

If you want only 8 or max 12 domains and quality sites and link them together you will need unique IP addresses for this and the best choice is IX Web Hosting!

Tuesday, Nov 28th, 2006