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Tips to Choosing a WebHost Provider

by Aaron Brooks

The world wide web is made up of techies as well as non-techies. Many websites are designed and maintained by non techies. While some seek professional help in hosting and maintaining a site many like to handle most of the work themselves.

What every successful web site needs is a web host who is affordable, dependable, and provides all the little things a site needs. There are so many providers each with positive as well as negative opinions. It is very hard to say who is the best and which one will suit your needs.

As a concerned individual you must try and learn how the web works and make a list of important criteria. Resist believing in advertisements, self promotional blurbs, sites that serve as affiliates to web hosts, web hosts that feature top 12/25 listings, and so on.

• The first step is to know what you need in terms of a web host. Write down what the most important features are.

• Study what different web hosting plans provide. Think present needs as well as future. If your site is small but poised for growth then you would need to select a plan accordingly.

• Consider aspects like server type, disk space, bandwidth, and other facilities like back ups and email accounts provided by each web host you are considering.

• Read all you can about free web hosting, shared hosting, dedicated hosting, and collocated hosting

In order to select the right web host you must make comparisons. State your needs and ask for details from several web hosts. Ensure that the plans include features you will need.

Evaluate each plan based on price; uptime, service, and customer support. To have a successful website the most important role is that of your web host. Choose one that will not just have the site running but will have online support in terms of a great indepth FAQs section, a 24/7 support for serious problems, and a system which assigns priority to problems. This innovative channel will ensure that among the main complaints or glitches the severe or serious ones will be attended to first.

Important considerations are security with threats like hacking, DNS poisoning, cross site scripting, spam, phishing and more it is absolutely necessary that the web host is multi-layered. Convince yourself about security before signing up.

Always view things in relation to the efficient functioning of your web site and ensure that the contract has leeway for you to change a plan or host when the need arises with no loss at all to your site and business. And to begin with take a short term contract even if a long term offers you great savings. Once your site is functional and all problems non –existent there should be no problem at all taking on a long term contract.

Before signing on the dotted line seek answers to questions like: reliability do they offer a 95% uptime guarantee; performance, does the host have T3 lines connected directly to the internet; what kind of servers do they have, Pentium Pros, Sun Sparc Stations, running windows NT, and so on; concerns about control and ability to utilize background applications like custom CGI scripts; check compatibility of running systems as well as software.

Choose a web host with care and you will be able to enjoy the challenges of the World Wide Web.

Friday, Sep 29th, 2006