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Things You Need To Know In Order To Find The Best Web Hosting

by Gregg Hall

Today many people have taken to promoting their own website. From idea to creation building a web site can be a daunting task. One part does not need to be, finding the best web hosting service. You need to be confident in your site and should not be drained financially by your web hosting service. With a bit of research and comparison, you can find the best web hosting service for your site.

Network UP Time

Any company you decide to go with should have at least a 95% up time, meaning they have the correct T lines for transmittal of data. This also means they will stay online even when traffic on their server is drastically increased.

As popularity increases so does the amount of traffic on server. During certain holidays there are also peak times. Do understand that the best servers will have occasional issues, but should have few major issues. Your web host server should regularly debug and install new software in order to keep up acceptable service.

Customer Service

Always check out any potential web hosting service thoroughly before signing with them. Look for service recognitions from other companies. Read the testimonials and reviews. Word of mouth can be very helpful; you can learn a lot of a company's quirks and good points from current and previous users. Search the internet for ratings and the competition. Check with the Internet Better Business Bureau for how long business has been around and for complaints. Test them out before signing on. Send them an email question and see how long it takes to respond and what kind of answer you receive.

Disk Storage Allotments and Bandwidth Increase Options

Never simply accept the word of the company on this one, always sign a contract. Keep these tips in mind;

Never get locked into a contract allowing only certain usage for an extended period of time. You want to have the contract allowing the option of increasing amounts.

Script Providing

Because you need to easily be able to get your information on your website, pick a company that has the same operating system as you, so they will have the same type of scripts you will need. CGI and Perl Scripts run well with Windows OS and Linux OS. If you use Access for forms you need a web hosting provider running Windows OS exclusively.

Website Statistics Reporting System

This is a very important part of your site, even veteran hosts use this. It enables you to track your marketing plans and bandwidth usage. It saves you money by preventing wasteful spending on not profitable website advertising campaigns.

Control Panel

Most control panels are very easy to use since they are developed with a user friendly interface browser for the everyday user.

Linux is a bit more complicated to use than Windows but has other advantages, Linux also offers up some perks like changeable code and free use. Familiarize yourself with both systems so you can make them work for you.

Some other things to look for when shopping around are numerous email domains and great SPAM filters. With research you can compare and feel good knowing you took extra care to educate yourself.

Monday, Sep 4th, 2006