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Some More Reasons to Get cPanel Reseller Hosting

by Trevor Mulholland

You may have already read about the reasons to get cPanel reseller hosting. Well, it never hurts to learn a bit more, especially if what you learn will end up being beneficial to your business!

cPanel reseller hosting may be the hottest thing in the market, and you should definitely give it a go if you're interested in starting your reseller business off on the right foot... but you shouldn't get into it without reading up on the most important things about it first. This will not only help you appreciate the software more - it will also help you market the software to your prospective clients. If you are targeting first-time owners of websites, you may need to break technical stuff to them gently!

1. User-friendliness. Besides ease of use, the measure of a good software should be how much manual labor it takes away from the end user - and the entrepreneur who has to care for the end user. The automated scripts afforded by cPanel allows your customer to perform various changes or undo them without hassle, thus reducing the strain on you to provide tech support at every given turn.

Plus, the software itself has multi-language software support. If that doesn't speak of user-friendliness, what does!

2. Brandability. The basic cPanel web management tool is highly customizable. You, as the reseller who purchased the license, should be able to add banners, customize the text and pretty much make your cPanel look like it belongs to you exclusively. This assures that all customers who regularly log into their web panel accounts retain a good impression of you and your reseller hosting company.

3. Regularly delivered statistics. This may seem like a small thing to less detail-oriented individuals, but it's a big thing to the rest of us - especially for those of us who are running online businesses. Online stores, especially those that are still starting up, rely a lot on affiliate programs, site hits, ad impressions, and other things you may need to look up on even as a reseller (because you might benefit from the knowledge, too!)

As you can see from the above list, a cPanel reseller hosting account would virtually do most of the hard work for you and your customer! This frees up your hands so you can attend to other pressing work, such as marketing your cPanel-enabled hosting services (for you), and drawing more visitors to a website (for your customer).

Monday, Oct 23rd, 2006