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Protec Is a Piece of Mind for Your Own Business

by Patrick Connor

Putting up an online business entails equal or even more risks in putting up one, say, in a mall or a commercial establishment. An online business does not end in producing the right product to sell and crafting an excellent marketing plan and strategy. More and more considerations that require much attention on details and specification still have to be done. As owners of normal businesses would critically choose the right place to set up their business, an online business owner needs to pour in more careful considerations on where to wisely put his products or services. After all, easy profit from businesses like online marketing and affiliate programs is important. It is in this regard that finding a good web hosting company is of great essence.

For six years now, Protec Web Solutions is one of the most popular web hosting companies. It is highly rated by owners of online businesses for the very reliable services it provides. Protec Web Solutions has an unbeatable reputation with its specialization in Microsoft ASP, ASP.Net and MS SQL Server services for businesses, developers, and resellers.

For starting a business, Protec Web Solutions offers a very fast set-up servicing. Accounts are usually set up within an hour. The maximum waiting time you can have is a 24-hour waiting period. A newly made account will not have an instant activation because Protec Web Solutions checks all new accounts, to prevent fraudulent orders from being processed. This policy is a good indication of how serious Protec is in its business.

A very factor commonly being unnoticed by online business owners is the speed of data transfer. A good bandwidth or data transfer rate is necessary for online businesses. If it takes a lot of minutes to view your website and about an hour to retrieve more pieces of information, chances are, people will lose the patience to spend time viewing your products no matter how good they are. A fast data transfer rate is seen by most online shoppers as an indication of credibility and fast, reliable service. If you are to have your website hosted by Protec, your web page would contain an HTML file and image files that are about 10 kb each and the bandwidth would be at 20 kilobytes.

Now, if you come across web hosts that promise of totally unlimited bandwidth services, have no second thoughts in completely ignoring them. An unlimited bandwidth promo is a mere advertising strategy, a marketing ploy, to be exact. No web hosts or data centers offer unlimited bandwidth. Realistically, the bandwidth that Protec Web Solutions can offer is already a good find for online businesses. The scripting components available on the web servers from Protec include Server Objects, DynuCOM, Persits, Dundas, Dimac, ChilKat, Vadian.net, and Microsoft .Net, among the total of 35 ASP components. If you need to have third party COMs, Protec can also accommodate your request depending on the nature and quantity of the components you need.

Protec Web Solutions also prides itself for having a 100 megabytes-per-second internal network connections. This is in connection with dual 155 megabytes-per-second upstream providers that is self-healing and can eliminate any point of failure. Also, there is a back-up transit from multiple locations aside from the basic back bone of connection. This back-up transit makes sure that the data travel through the shortest possible path for a more expedient delivery.

Protec Web Solutions have different plans that solutions to any business needs. What is particularly good about these is that they really are suited for traffic intensive sites. Usually, the sites that garner traffic have affiliate programs. If your site is involved in such affiliate programs, for instance, Protec could help boost your chances to earn big money.

Data security is also a matter you need not to worry with Protec's web hosting services. The data security structure is equipped with HVAC environmental systems for optimum security.

By now, you may be suspecting me of being a sales agent of Protec, by the way, I seem to perfectly like its web hosting services. Well, you must see it for yourself as I have witnessed its efficiency in my own online business. Actually, I just availed of their newly added feature in web hosting. Protec now offers PHP5 and MySQL5 support. Believe it nor not, this offering comes free on all hosting plans you can avail for your own business. Don't get me wrong, people. I am not claiming that Protec's web hosting services is the best you can find in this world. I'm pretty sure that there are other online businesses or affiliate programs out there that can be as good as or even better than Protec. But insofar as the way my online business is running, Protec Web Solutions gives me all the web services I need. There are no hidden charges and the price of their service is very reasonable, given its efficiency.

Saturday, Sep 2nd, 2006