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Pros and Cons of Dedicated Hosting

by Marcus Peterson

Dedicated hosting involves a specific server for a website and is allotted for its exclusive functioning. It is called dedicated, since there is a single server committed to ?host? or run the website. Shared hosting, on the other hand, has the same server that hosts a number of websites. This reduces running costs of a server and is relatively inexpensive compared to dedicated hosting. In this case, the provider takes care of servers, softwares and other requirements that are uniform for all the users.

Users who own large websites that have a heavy flow of traffic should consider dedicated hosting. These users do not mind paying extra for customized services in return for enhanced speed, security and technical privileges. With dedicated hosting, the site is loaded quickly. The owner can easily access and change the contents as desired.

There are a significant number of positive features of dedicated hosting, such as customized services and on-site support. Hardware and software requirements can be modified, depending on the needs of clients. Website uptime can be enhanced by on-site support and monitoring results. Uptime refers to the percentage of time that the website is running. A longer uptime increases the site?s reliability. Option of data and power backup is another added feature. Clients need not buy updated or maintain equipment, because the service provider looks them after. Upgrading to a better service is cheaper.

The downside of dedicated servers is related to expenses and a few other limitations. The monthly fees charged by service providers may seem rather steep over a long period of time, depending on the way it is used. This makes users consider purchasing a server, and using a co-location facility. This alternative allows a number of users to pool in their resources to set up a data center. Certain dedicated servers may restrict the use of IRC (Internet Relay Chat) or prohibit from posting adult content.

Wednesday, Dec 6th, 2006