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Professional Web Site Hosting Services

by Eric Morris

A businessperson looking for a professional web hosting company and is a novice in web technology will need to choose a web hosting service provider with certain standard services that keep the website up and running. The first thing to look for is whether they provide you with your own chosen domain name. A business website on a subdomain will only take clients away to other professionally maintained websites of your competitors. And if you are expecting regular traffic on your website, go for a company that provides you with a server on your own.

The type of internet connection offered by the company is also equally important. T1 lines or T3 lines are ideal for websites. It is not advisable to go for dial-up connections as they are slow. There are companies that handle your domain registration process and that you have full control over any content on your website. Your website is your window to the world. You cannot afford to have it unavailable to your clients even for a short period of time. Make sure the web hosting service provides you with technical support round the clock and guarantees 99% uptime. You just cannot afford to have your website down.

Email services are provided by most web hosts and are an essential feature of any business website. You need to give free email ids to your employees and services. Most web hosts also set up your site for free and charge only for the upkeep. But you need to go in for a host that will provide you with PHP, CGI/Perl, MS Frontpage and MySql. It is important to have an autoresponder as well.

Go for web programming services and web administration services if you don’t think you can manage it yourself. And choose design templates in tune with your business processes. And choose a server software that is best suited to your needs. Choose a host who gives you Telnet and FTP access for uploading files and for CGI script editing.

If you choose a web host with some of these basic services, you will be able to keep a site that gives your client maximum information about your company.


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Monday, May 15th, 2006