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Multiple Domains in One Account Benefits and Risks

by Volodymyr Zablotskyy

Today many web-hosting providers offer plans where you get an opportunity to host multiple domains in one account. You can find providers that offer somewhere from 6 domains to unlimited domains that you can host in a single account. Unlimited domains do not necessary mean unlimited hosting space (also known as disc space). Some time you can host unlimited domains as long as you can fit them all in 30GB of space for example.

What are the benefits of having multiple domains in one account? The answer to this question is simple: it will save you some money. Your monthly payment will be the same for multiple domains as it would be just for single domain. It can save you considerable amount of money to host few domains with the same host. Let say you have chosen a provider with a monthly plan at $6.95. If you host five other domains with the same provider it will save you $417 a year. This money can be used on promoting your site instead. When choosing a provider that will host multiple domains under one account you need to carefully review all your option since there may be some risks involved in hosting all your websites in one account.

What are the risks of hosting multiple domains in one account? The risk of hosting multiple domains in one account generally related to a possible "down time" that can happened due to many factors. Some time as simple as severe whether in the area of your providers server. When choosing a provider you should factor in a possibility of server down time. If your website is meant to make you money, one day of server being down may cost you way more than $417. You need to decide if you can loose $417 or more just because your sites were down.

Wednesday, Oct 4th, 2006