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How To Get Web Hosting A Beginners Guide

by Mark Anderson

Time to start a web site?

Well, hold on there killer, there's a lot you need to address before you go rushing headlong into a any decision; and this articles' aim is to help you learn before you make a mistake. When starting a web presence, you need to know quite a bit, but the main focus here is on web hosting.
If you're at the point where you're seriously considering starting an internet site, then you should already be familiar with what you need web hosting for, and what its job is. If your not though, here's a brief rundown:
A web host is simply the company that provides a place your site will be stored on the internet. Unless you want to spend thousands of dollars buying your own server, a web host is just a necessary part of having a web site. Oh, there are some free hosts out there; but didn't your daddy or grand-daddy ever teach you "you get what you pay for"? What the free web hosts provide is simply laughable in most cases, and you're better off choosing one you pay for. Now you may be thinking, "Oh boy, here comes the bad news..."; but web hosting is actually quite affordable. Great hosting is available for around $9.95 per month, and usually even less depending on how long you sign up for service. You should note that if you sign up for mothly renewal, you may be paying a premium; while if you sign up for a one year or two year contract, your monthly rate will be significantly reduced.
Okay, now that we know why we need this service, let's talk about the best ones and what they offer.

1) Gate.com- The main reason for this coming in first is thier 99.99% uptime guarantee. For anyone with a web presence, uptime is a very important consideration. If you have an unreliable service, you will potentially be losing sales, customers, or readers. This will be unacceptable no matter what your sites goal is. Click here and learn more about them!

2) StartLogic- Thier ProLogic program gives you an extraordinary value at $5.95 per month. The only issue would be that is the pricing for a two year contract. Great if you're in it for the long haul and excellent customer service. Click here to check them out!

3) AN Hosting- They only really sell one plan type here, but it is beginner targeted. For $6.95 a month, you get great value. Upon signup, you also recieve a waived activation charge, and free domain name. And as long as you remain a member, your domain name will be free for life (this is usually a $7-$12 savings per year). Click here to see thier other benefits!

4) HostMonster- A main selling point for this provider would be that they offer search engine sumbission free of charge. You may not realize this, but getting your site listed at places like Google is not as easy as just slapping it up on the internet. These guys will help out with getting you noticed. Clicking here will show you more info!

5) Dot5 Hosting - With over 20,000 hosted customers, these guys are doing something right. A low per month charge of $4.95 (multi-month) is also a nice bonus. They have a live-chat support channel, which will be very valuable if you find yourself needing help. They have a few less options than some of the other profiles, but may be just what you're looking for. Clicky, clicky for more info!

I hope this was helpful. My main consideration when choosing a top 5 was options, so if you take some time and browse the offers above, I'm sure you'll find the options in the plan that best suits your needs.
I wish you great luck in your internet endeavors!

Monday, Nov 20th, 2006