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How To Figure Out How Much Disk Space You Need For Your Website

by Gregg Hall

While more and more people become comfortable with using the Internet more people are starting up new websites and small businesses. The ease of use is a main reason many people turn to the Internet. The ability to work from the comfort of home and be your own boss is another reason so many people are developing web based businesses and community websites. Families have also found the internet can be a great way to stay connected with loved ones that live far away. The ability to post instant messages and pictures to one another via the Internet makes sense for today's busy lifestyles.

Developing your own website is not too difficult. If you want to have your own website you often have to purchase disk space from a web host site. This is the amount of hard disk space the site will allow you to use at any given time. For most nominal websites the standard amount of disk space giving upon initial purchase is 5MB. As long as you are forming a simple family site for pictures and communication this amount of disk space should be more than enough. Even if you are beginning a small business whether online or just advertising online, 5MB should be sufficient amount of disk space. For either project it is highly likely that you will still have plenty of remaining disk space.

Many web hosts will encourage you to purchase more MB of disk space, however this is rarely in your best interest to do so. If you have decided to offer some files for downloading it may become necessary to purchase additional disk space. Also some adult web sites have an additional need for more disk space generally remaining in the 10-12MB range.

If you are completely unfamiliar with the terminology that goes along with web page dealings I would strongly encourage you to do some additional reading and studying on the matter. This will save you additional money and grief when you are ready to begin your negotiations with the web host.

Many people choose to make family pages available on community websites that charge no fees whatsoever. This is very convenient because no one person in the family is stuck with the cost. It will also make it possible for all family members who have Internet and computer access can view family photos and latest news without paying any fees.

If you are considering starting a web page either for business or pleasure it is imperative that you know the important terminology and then contact the web host where you wish to locate your website. Taking the extra time to do this will save many headaches later on in the process.

Monday, Oct 2nd, 2006