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How To Decide On A Domain Name And Register

by Gregg Hall

Walk into a room filled with people today and chances are 92% of them have been on the Internet today. Take that same group of people and at least 63% have their own website whether on a community network, business, or a separate web host. It is becoming easier and easier to develop and maintain a personal or business website.

One of the first and most important parts of developing a web site is to do a bit of research on the subject. By researching you will be better informed and prepared when you are ready to get a web host. Once you are familiar with the terminology and usage of the Internet, you must come up with a domain name. This part can be especially tricky since there are literally millions of sites already named. Every domain name is different. If only by one letter or number there can be no domains with the exact same name. Domain names are sort of like your fingerprints. A domain name must be registered with the web host in order to be activated. Once you have chosen a domain name you cannot change it. This will be the name of your site until you open another, so be sure to think carefully.

Once you have your domain name registered you need to purchase web space from a web host. The amount of space you need depends on what you plan to do with your website. Most web hosts offer 5MB of storage to begin and you can always purchase more lately. If you plan on trading files or using the site as an adult website you will need additional space. This additional space can easily be purchased from your web host.

If you plan on sharing music or video downloads or files you will go through a lot of space due to transferring. This can quickly become a problem if you purchased only a small amount. You will then need to either buy additional space or eliminate some things from your site.

If you research the Internet you can find a lot of important information regarding your domain name and website. Keep in mind that all information available on the Internet is not necessarily correct. It is important to look the terminology up for yourself and to only follow information from reputable web pages. Once you have purchased your space and registered a domain name you can then build your website. Sending others links to your new site is an excellent way to get the word out about your site and a great way to receive feedback on things you can work to improve on. With patience and effort you will soon have your own site up and running joining the millions of users worldwide.

Monday, Oct 2nd, 2006