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How To Choose The Right Company To Provide Multiple Domain Web Hosting

by Gregg Hall

If you're looking to establish more than one domain on the internet, you should looking into multiple domain hosting plans. Multiple domain web hosting allows you to run more than one domain from a single account. Before this service became available, you had to have a different account for each domain you wanted to run. Such a set-up was rather inconvenient and downright ineffective. It made it hard to keep track of multiple web sites and increased the likelihood of one of your web sites going down. Now there are countless companies offering plans geared specifically towards clients who want to manage more than one domain from just one account.

Why would you want to have multiple domains? Let's say you want a main page to provide information about your business. Then you might want a separate domain for, say, forums for users to discuss your products and so you can share information with them. You may also want to set up chat rooms, which could be on another domain. Multiple domain hosting gives you room to grow. Also, if you want to have domains which are completely unrelated, but you still want to manage them all together, then you'll want a multiple domain plan.

When looking for a web hosting service that offers multiple domain accounts, there are a few things to consider. First you need to check out their disk storage plans. Obviously you pay more for more storage space. You don't want to buy too big of a plan but you also don't want to shortchange yourself. You'll need a lot of storage space if you intend to build a large site and provide large files to your visitors such as audio, high resolution images, and video. Remember to get what you need, while also giving yourself room to grow.

You also need to take a look at the plan's data transfer rate and bandwidth. Again, if you plan on offering music and video, you want to make sure that the files are transferred smoothly and at an acceptable speed. Music and video require steady and reliable data transfer and plenty of bandwidth. You do not what your visitors viewing or listening to choppy files. It is important that you come up with an estimate of how much traffic you anticipate on your site and how much data will be transferred. If your bandwidth is low then high speed won't mean much because you'll quickly exceed your limits and your site will be shut down.

Another thing to consider is how many email accounts you will need. You'll probably want to have separate email accounts for customer service, employees, order inquiries, web master, etc. As always, you should have more accounts available then you need so there is room to grow. Email accounts are an absolute necessity for a web-based business. Even if you're not on the web you should have an email address. In many sectors, emails has surpassed the phone as the most important means of contact.

As with a single domain hosting plan, you should look at the company's control panel. This is all the more important when you're operating more than one domain. You should be able to easily access information for all your sites.

The fees for multiple server web hosting plans vary by plan, company, and features offered. There may be monthly fees, a yearly contract, etc. Shop around and choose the service which best suits your needs. Don't forget to ask other people, too. Word of mouth is often the best way to find who's reliable and who's not.

Thursday, Oct 19th, 2006