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Hosting Solutions

by Peter Emerson

Is your Web site experiencing an unexpected influx of visitors and increased traffic? Are there more customers buying more products from your e-commerce site? And is your business growing at an incredible speed? It may be time for you to switch to a more powerful Web site host.

You may already know that high traffic slows down the server. This is not good for a business that is gaining momentum. And as your business grows and as you project a stronger image, the public expects that to be reflected in the performance of your Web site. If you want to ride high on your newfound success and keep your target market satisfied, you must provide them with the online experience they need and expect from you.

But before you go out and purchase a very expensive and massive mainframe to host your powerful Web site and hire a team dedicated to it, you may want to consider external web hosting solutions first.

A web host can lift the burden of buying hardware and infrastructure. Your web host can take care of the soft and hard requirements of a Web site. For a subscription fee, a web host can provide you with as much as 200 gigabytes of bandwidth with a 600-gigabyte allocation during peak hours; XEON 3.06 GHz Processors; comprehensive routing protocols; and security features. Your server will be housed in the host’s mainframes and stacked on private shelves secured with multiple checkpoints and closed circuit camera surveillance. You are also assured of continuous power to keep your Web site accessible anytime, anywhere.

With affordable web hosting solutions available, you do not really need to own your own mainframe and worry about the smallest details of maintaining a Web site. Unless you are a top-secret government agency, using external Web site hosting is a fairly safe and efficient way to ease your e-commerce load and accommodate heavy visitor traffic.

Wednesday, Sep 6th, 2006