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Hosting For Wordpress Powered Sites - Things You Should Know

by Volodymyr Zablotskyy

Wordpress without a doubt has become most popular blog platform for many. Wordpress users have two option when it comes to hosting their favorite blog.

Their website can be hosted for free, but they will be limited to how they can modify their blog. If they need, for example, to modify cascading style sheet also known as CSS, Wordpress users need to pay certain fees for this service. Their freedom of choosing their own URL is limited as well as number of themes they can use for their website.

The other choice is to host your Wordpress powered site with a provider of your choice. Hosting Wordpress site with a provider of your choice can be very beneficial and can give you more freedom to modify your website that can fit your needs and likes. Hosting your Wordpress site with provider of your choice will also give you some benefits that you may not find elsewhere: opportunity to use SEO minded plug-ins, customize your settings for permalinks and have the ability to ping more sites not notify them that your site has been updated.

Hosting your Wordpress site will require that your web hosting plan will offer support for both PHP and MySQL database. Without them your Wordpres will not function. The other thing to look for is whether or not your provider offers Wordpress installation via Fantastico installer. Although not necessary this installation is much faster, and generally automatically creates necessary database for your site. If can install Wordpress through Fantastico, this generally means your server is ready to handle customized permalinks and further configuration will require except changing the settings within Wordpress itself.

Thursday, Oct 12th, 2006