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Hosting Companies-What's the Difference

by Joseph Neratko Jr

I am relatively new in this business but am finally starting to realize that you have to know your p's and q's if you are to succeed. Most people these days in the beginning just think about cost and not about content. One good example is web hosting. If you are going to submit your website you need a good hosting company and believe me there are plenty of companies that will take your money and provide very little if any service. Contact any hosting companies and get to know the owner or operator. These people are for the most part honest once you get to know them. Taking that approach will also save your backside if there is a snag in your service.

Also, see if you can find other people that have used their services and find out about how good they feel they are. One good place is through forums where people usually let their hair down and speak their mind on anything you can think of. Just mention the words hosting companies and you will get plenty of feedback on what is good and what to avoid. Remember that price is important but also remember the saying "you get what you pay for."

This is my first true article concerning anything on the internet. I am reporting back to you what I have experienced in my first ten years on the internet. It's a jungle out there and if we can all look out for each other in our endeavors we can succeed.

Wednesday, Sep 20th, 2006