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Easy Web Hosting Affiliate Money For Low Traffic Sites

by Christopher Kyalo

There are a number of bloggers and web site owners who make easy affiliate money from web hosting services without owning or running any hosting services themselves. All they do is review web hosting services and create a top ten list. Every hosting company that appears in these top ten lists has to pay upfront for the privilege, just like they would pay for an advertisement. They then collect more cash from affiliate commissions run by those hosting services.

One of the reasons why this particular scheme (which many consider unethical) works so well is because hosting services are usually in very high demand. Not surprising this, when you consider that it is impossible to have any online presence without being hosted by somebody.

This existing high demand for hosting services is evidence enough that one does not need to be so aggressive to the point of being unethical to make serious money from web hosting. Actually, all you need to do is find an affiliate program that meets the following conditions:

a) Find An Affiliate Program That Sells Low Cost Web Hosting Services There is a huge demand for web hosting services, but there is an even bigger demand for low cost web hosting services. Naturally you want to join an affiliate program that has a huge demand. Higher demand means higher sales and ultimately, higher affiliate income.

b) Find An Affiliate Program That Pays For Second Tier Web Hosting Sales Second tier commission's means that you get paid for the sales of persons that you have introduced or referred to the affiliate program. This means that instead of getting paid once, you will get paid again and again for the same referrals as each sale by them puts money into your pocket. This can make a huge difference to your earnings.

c) Find An Affiliate Program For A Well Know Web Hosting Service The better know the hosting service that you are trying to promote as an affiliate, the higher the sales and revenues you will generate. It is human nature, people feel more comfortable dealing with familiar well known names. Choose the sort of web host whose positive information can be found easily and quickly with the help of any search engine.

Follow these simple rules and you will be guaranteed easy affiliate money from web hosting services.

Tuesday, Oct 24th, 2006