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Dedicated Hosting Packages

by Marcus Peterson

A dedicated hosting package is one among the different types of hosting packages provided by various hosting companies. These packages are available in varying specifications and can be chosen based on customer requirement. Dedicated hosting packages are often referred to as professional solutions and the whole server is dedicated entirely for your application or site.

Dedicated hosting packages are flexible and have greater processing power and will increase the speed of your website. They are best suitable for sites with database queries or those which need to store a large amount of web-based data. This will also enable you to install your own application or software and to configure it to your requirements.

The packages may vary with the hosting company. The software and hardware configuration of your package will be the responsibility of the hosting company. There will also be some added benefits such as multiple IP addresses, advanced DNS management, and advanced or dedicated firewall configurations. Dedicated hosting packages allow multiple websites on one server and offer compatibility over multiple operating systems and web applications.

Dedicated hosting packages may vary in server specification and manufacturer, operating system, Ethernet, processor type and speed, memory, hard drive, RAID (hard drive redundancy), remote management, firewall, backup, and POP3. Hosting companies charge a small set up fee.

These servers are maintained by a support team of the concerned service provider. These packages help the organization or individual to acquire a server without the expense of actually purchasing it. They provide an up-to-date server with all the support facilities.

Dedicated hosting packages enable the customers to be free from tension as the service providers are ready to provide you with the expert service to meet up with the ever changing needs of the world. Additional services included in the package are 24/7 monitoring and built-in support service to take care of the administrative needs.

Wednesday, Dec 6th, 2006