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Choosing a Quality Web Host

by Russell Blanc

Choosing a Quality Web Host

Is your web host reliable?

Web hosting is a long time affair and commitment, so start by verifying if the web hosting provider is reliable. The existing client list, guaranteed up-time, infrastructure and the number of years of existence can give you an overview of the web hosting company's reliability.

How much web disk space or storage is provided? For most small to medium sized web sites, 100 to 200 megabytes of storage will be more than sufficient. However make sure that the web hosting service provider has an upgradeability option.

What about web hosting bandwidth restrictions? Many web hosts will charge you extra when you start to get an increase in web traffic, so this is an important feature to check out. It will be better to select a service provider who will offer you a decent amount of bandwidth so that you can make sure that they are not going to charge you more as your web site becomes more popular.

Does your web host provide all basic features? Compare a few plans of different web hosts to find if all basic necessary features are covered.

How much does it cost you? Pricing is an important factor especially when you are just starting out. Be careful not to compromise quality for price. Quality is more important than price if you are serious about building your web presence.

Does the web hosting company charge you a setup fee? Nowadays most good web hosts do not have a setup fee. Though it is only a one time expense, it is better to avoid it.

Do they require a contract? Also, look around and try not to get locked into being with one company on a long term agreement. Most web hosting providers offer a 1 year plan and some like Yahoo Web Hosting will offer a monthly payment plan. This way, if you don't like the service, it costs nothing to pack your bags and leave.

Do they offer any type of money back guarantee? More and more reliable web hosting companies will give you at least a 30 day guarantee on their service like a free trial period or a money back option. This is a good safety option and at least allows you a minimum one month period to find out if they provide everything they claim to provide.

Does the web hosting company provide around the clock support? After sales, customer service is something you may require very often as far as web hosting is considered. Look for a reliable service that is always available.

Is the control panel user friendly? This is called various names by different web hosts, but essentially, they all allow you to manage different aspects of your web account yourself. This is what you will use almost everyday. This should be simple but at the same time feature rich. I see that most companies now offer a free demonstration of their control panel. If you web host has such a demo, try it out.

There are many variables to consider when choosing a quality web host. Search for quality and features when selecting a web host and you will not be disappointed.

Wednesday, Sep 13th, 2006