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Cheap Web Hosting - Are You Paying Too Much For Your Web Hosting Service

by Kevin Nelson

Whether you want to get a new website online for personal use or for business, it helps to have a basic understanding of what web hosting is and what you should look for as you compare different web hosting offers. At its most basic form, web hosting is a service that many companies provide that allows you to store content on a computer (called a server) that is accessible via the Internet. The content can be anything, including web pages, images, audio, video or other types of content. But since different customers have different requirements, finding a good web host that meets your needs and your budget can be a challenge.

When starting out, many people tend to look for free web hosting as a way to get their sites online. However, it might be a good idea to check out some of the offers that web hosting companies have, even if you have to pay for them. Web hosting companies offer different types of packages depending on the needs of their customers, similar to other types of services. That way, you can get just what you need without having to pay for features that you never use.

You can get good, quality hosting for less than $10 a month and not have to worry about the unwanted advertisements on your site, which typically is the "catch" with free web hosting services. In addition, for that $10 per month, you can find web hosting that will provide you with enough features, disk space, and bandwidth to more than cover what you will probably need for a new website. Finally, once you're ready to upgrade, perhaps to a package that has more disk space (so you can store larger files) or that has greater bandwidth (to handle all those visitors to your site), a quick email or call to the web host's support team is usually all it takes to upgrade your account.

Even the most basic type of hosting will allow you to store files and images, though you'll be limited based on the amount of storage space that comes with your package. For more complex sites, or if your site becomes more intricate down the road, you may want to choose a web host that offers features such as PHP, ASP and database support. Using these types of tools, you (or your web developer) can create dynamic, custom web pages and scripts that make your sites more interactive for your visitors.

To make things easier on you (or your webmaster), you should look for companies that offer some sort of control panel to allow you to access and make changes to your server. One of the most common control panels you're likely to find is CPanel. With a control panel, you can easily make changes to your setup, such as adding new email addresses, checking web stats, copying files, or other administrative tasks.

If affordable, feature-rich web hosting is something you or your business would be interested in, take some time today to start researching a few of the different options available.

Thursday, Sep 21st, 2006