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Cheap ASP Hosting

by Kristy Annely

The type of ASP Hosting that you get always depends on how much you are willing to pay for the service. If anything comes for free or for a low cost, then you usually have to compromise. Cheap ASP hosting is also available, but the features that you get can be limited. You will not have the more sophisticated applications or be able to use advanced components with cheap ASP hosting.

With cheap ASP hosting, you cannot expect a separate server for you needs. You have to use shared web hosting shared by many domains. These domains may be from different companies that share common features. This is one of the main limitations when you use cheap ASP hosting.

You cannot get unlimited email accounts for your domain. The space provided for your email is limited with cheap ASP Hosting. In some of the plans, you only get one email id for a domain. If that is not enough, you are forced to spend more money for a better plan. You must also check to see whether you are provided with anti-spam filters and anti-virus protection with this inexpensive plan.

The data transfer for your domain is limited with cheap ASP Hosting. If your website gets more hits, then you may have to upgrade to other plans or buy more bandwidth. Most of the cheap ASP hosting plans start for as low as $1 per month. The higher the cost the more features you get. You can look for offers that offer discounted fees if you pay for a one year fee upfront. This could save you a lot on hosting costs.

Friday, Sep 8th, 2006