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ASP Hosting

by Zach Modis

There are many benefits to ASP hosting. For those that are looking at this type o of hosting, there are many reasons to carefully consider it. First, what is it? ASP, or Active Server Pages is a type of Microsoft server side technology. It is used to generate web pages. This product is marketed as part of an add on to Internet Information Services (IIS) yet provides for many options. For example, programming websites that feature ASP is generally a lot easier because of the built in objects.

There are a group of built in objects that correspond to frequently used functions. In ASP 3.0, one version of the program, you will find six of these built in objects which will include the following: ASP Error, Request, Response, Server, Application and Session.

But, when you look at ASP hosting, you will see many benefits from the use with it. For one, there are many cost savings that can be seen when using this type of hosting. The ASP is usually responsible for the general maintenance of the website which means that the client does not spend nearly as much on such things as support, maintenance and administration of the host. Most of the time upgrades are also valuable. The application is also relatively easy to use and easy to access. Usually it can be accessible for any where and on any device. This allows for a highly performing and highly reliable product.

There are still more benefits of using ASP hosting. This will include the ability of the individual to not need to have ownership. Of course, ownership of this type of hosting comes with a lot of responsibility as well as the cost. Still, ASP hosting can be easy to use, most of the time being available right on the web. Those that provide for this type of hosting usually will offer service guarantees as well. This many include things like back up and disaster recovery. Licensing as well as lower risk of bad investments in technology is also taken care of by the ASP host.

When considering ASP hosting, like any other, take the time to find the hosting solution that allows for your own benefits. If ASP is going to work for you, then you will want to explore what the ASP host will provide for you specifically. It is an easy to use and easy to find option for those looking for web hosting.

Wednesday, Aug 30th, 2006