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8 Things a Web Host Must Do

by Aaron Brooks

A web host can make or break your web site business. The success of any business online is as much dependant on its web host as on its business plan.

Look through web hosting directories and while studying web hosts for you website consider: technical aspects like bandwidth, speed, reliability, dedicated servers, operating systems and programming tools. Try and learn about the web hosts operating system and environment. Although price plays a role try and find a host that satisfies all the other criteria too.

The ideal host must have: state of the art server technology, system administrators, network redundancy and connectivity, great support services and affordable packages. The hosting solution must be in apposition to grow with you. Only if you and the web host are in sync will your web site be successful. Things to consider are bandwidth, latest in server technology, server-side scripting, database support, and multimedia streaming.

A web host must:

1. Be ethical and socially responsible.

2. Be supportive of its clients and environmentally conscious.

3. Promote positivity and provide excellent support services. The commitment to clients must be cent percent. A web host must exceed the promises made.

4. A web host must be practical and study the needs of a client before making promises. The web host must be honest about what it can do and what it cannot do.

5. A web host must be far sighted and constantly upgrade their facilities to keep abreast with new technologies and needs of a client.

6. A web host must strive to build a lasting relationship with a client. The level of hosting service must be the best and highest.

7. Offer technical support to clients and not burden clients with things they do not need.

8. Be run by people who understand technology and the intricacies of web servers. They web host must have a team at the helm that is devoted to the business and not just consider immediate profits.

As a concerned user you need to ensure that all your data is backed up and accessible to you at all times, that you are the owner of your domain and that you are a law abiding citizen. Always undertake to do extensive background research on web hosts and check out all references. See that the guarantees you need are in place in the agreement. Comprehend your obligations too just as you want an ideal web host the host will appreciate an ideal client too.

Web hosting is a competitive and profitable business but to succeed, the web host needs to be different. Competitive, honest, and reliable are the laurels a web host must seek.

Wednesday, Oct 4th, 2006