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3 Factors to consider while determining the disk space for your website

by Anay Kamat

Web hosts allows you to put your site on their server for everyone to visit using internet. Each host provides you with various hosting plans that differ in features like disk space, bandwidth allocated etc. However, one of the key factors to look out for is the amount of disk space you should go for. While selecting the disk space, you should consider the factors like the space that is currently required by your site, your current budget and the price of each additional unit of extra storage space so that you will get good value for your money. In this article, we will consider these factors in detail.

Initially, there is no need to go for a plan that provides huge disk space. It may cost you more than your need. It is very clear that the disk space that you need, should be equal to or more than the space required by the site on your local disk. Say, if the site takes 20 megabytes on local hard disk, than I should go for a plan that gives me around 25 megabytes of disk space. If the site is going to be static (a site for your portfolio or company), you need not consider any other factors. However, if your site is going to be a dynamic site like a blog, it is very clear that your site would grow over time. This is because you will keep adding content to it. In this case, you need to select a plan that offers a much larger space than what is currently required by your site on the local hard disk. To decide on how much extra disk space you should take, you need to consider your current budget.

If you compare the different hosting plans of your web host, you will notice that the cost of plan is directly proportional to the disk space. More the disk space required, more you need to pay. If your site is going to be dynamic, then you should select the plan which gives you maximum disk space in your budget. It is quite possible that in future, your site might need more space than what your current plan offers. To decide what to do in this situation, you need to look at the cost of each additional unit of extra storage space required.

As your site grows, it will take more disk space and eventually it would require more space than what is provided in your current hosting plan. Now you have two options. You can remove some old content from your site to make space for new content or buy additional space. To decide on which option you should go for, you need to consider the amount that you will have to pay per additional unit of extra storage space. You can find it out from the website of your hosting company or from their customer support. If you can afford to buy more disk space then go for it, else delete some old content and make space for new content. If you are going to make money from your site, you can easily go and buy additional storage space.

While selecting the plan you need to make sure that you will get more value for the amount you pay to your web host. You should not pay more than your needs. Factors like the current disk space required by your site, your current budget and cost of additional space should be considered while selecting your hosting plan. In this way, you can ensure that you are not going to waste money and you will select the plan that gives you enough disk space to easily host your website.

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Monday, Aug 20th, 2007