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10 Reasons why HostGator is so Successful

by Aaron Brooks

The World Wide Web is big business and to be successful all sites need a reliable web host. And, Hostgator does that provides a better hosting environment. Born of the founders frustration at having to deal with unreliable web hosts while running high traffic web sites, Hostgator has in three years grown from just 100 clients to over 10,000.

Hostgator’s success and popularity can be attributed to:

1. The drive to provide for webmasters what for the founder found lacking in web hosts. The need to overcome problems web master’s face from web hosts of downtime, unreliability, and poor service.

2. The servers are from The Planet the acknowledged industry leader which provides state of the art service. Hostgator now uses over 850 servers of The Planet.

3. The web host has a work philosophy that encompasses professionalism, commitment to safety, security and the number one working principle “customer satisfaction.”

4. Hostgator is not just a leader but a training school for those wanting to be a part of the web hosting business. A part of the business module includes management of dedicated servers and reseller hosting.

5. Customer service and satisfaction are the keys to Hostgator’s success.

6. The reseller service allows hosting of 12 domains which means savings.

7. The downtime is almost non existent.

8. Customer service is great. They provide both guidance as well as answers. Many basic services are provided free while for services like installation of scripts they charge.

9. If you need to move accounts there are no glitches and 20 accounts are moved by Hostgator free of charge.

10. They create business modules that work. Whether it’s hosting or reselling for Hostgator the customer comes first.

If you surf the net Hostgator is among the few that consistently get good reviews. They provide good value for money and the space offered as well as data transfer are fair as well as efficient. For most aspects of web hosting Hostgator receives excellent reviews.

The only negative comments are that the live online chat only provides answers to the most basic problems and therefore is categorized by many as a level 1 service and a few users have had problems with emails going astray. Many users however go on record saying that they were able to iron out the problems in no time at all with technical guidance form Hostgator pros.

The company takes its web hosting business seriously and looks at all aspects from the customer’s point of view. For those who are not in the know the founder of Hostgator started the firm when other web hosts were not able to provide the service he needed to run high traffic sites. Hostgator is committed to providing reliable service, great support, technical know how, and affordable pricing. They aim to be the ultimate in shared, reseller, and dedicated web hosting solutions.

Wednesday, Sep 20th, 2006